Meet the Owners

Stacy Carrero  

Stacy has owned Gymnastics centers since 1976. 
Stacy has a Master’s Degree and many credits beyond in Exercise Science.  Stacy has developed Desert Gymcats from a small gym of 125 students to peak enrollment annually of almost 1500 students.  Stacy believes that the secret to a successful business is a well-compensated and appreciated staff who love teaching children of all ages and abilities. Stacy is always focused on making a better business that serves our children and gives them a good foundation for the rest of their lives.  She is also a Category 3 TNT judge. 

Jessica Spruell

B.A.University of Oklahoma, Political Science.  Attended college on a full gymnastics scholarship .  Gymnastics Career: 2 time Junior Olympic National Qualifier, Elite National Qualifier, NCAA Big 8 Bar Champion, 3 Time Academic All American.  Won College Female "Woman of the Year" in 1991 for the state of Oklahoma.  Coaching experience:  Coached Dynamo Gymnastics OKC 1991-92, Gymcats 1992-1995 Head Coach, Desert Gymcats 1998-Present.  30+ years experience as a choreographer.  Coached Junior Olympic and T.O.P.s National qualifiers, dozens of State titles and Best Overall Team for Nevada, 2007.  She is also a Category 3 TNT judge. 

Richard Carrero

Richard, Stacy's husband is one of the original founders of Gymcats in New York.  He coached for over 30 years, not only gymnastics, but diving as well.  Richard is also one of the facilities managers, instrumental in keeping the facility safe and sound.  He is also a locksmith, whose services are needed by any business or residential customer.  

Christopher Spruell

Chris brings management, military (Air Force), financial experience, sales, equipment maintenance, A/V electronic and surveillance experience have been instrumental in the growth of Desert Gymcats for more than 14 years.  Christopher's dedication and steadfast loyalty have enabled Desert Gymcats to grow and expand with much greater ease.  Chris is the husband to Jessie and proud parent of Ari,  TNT and Artistic gymnast.

Kyle Stokley
TNT Coach
Kyle is a former level 10 gymnast and trampolinist.  He was in the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Love Show from its creation until the New Years Eve 2009.  Kyle appeared in the Grammy Awards in the Beatles Remix Album Act in February, 2008.   He’s a natural coach and leader, and is Jessie’s elder son/Stacy’s grandson.   Kyle recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from ASU May, 2017. He is versatile, coaching boys, girls and TNT.  He won a Silver at TNT Nationals on Trampoline in 2013.   His other talents include juggling and dancing (popping).  He was on America’s Got Talent in 2010 for a trampoline/dance act, featured on NBC. 

Meet the Gymnastics Coaches and Instructors

Silvana Hill

Silvana is a former rhythmic gymnast from Bluemenau, in the Southern part of Brazil. She lived in England for 8 years and taught gymnastics there.  She joined us in 2002, and brings a touch of elegance to our gymnasts.  Silvana coaches both Compulsory and Optional levels and is a great technician and spotter.  She is the director of our Compulsory girls’ team.  Silvana’s expertise lies in teaching correct technique and body positioning; choreography; dance and expression.  Silvana loves perfecting basics so that each gymnast will have a strong foundation to build upon. There’s no harder working coach than Silvana who is always committed to making sure the gymnasts get the most out of every minute of workout.  

Jordan Schwikert-Warren

Jordan is a new addition to our team coaching staff.  She's a 2x U.S. National Team Member (2001, 2002), a graduate of UCLA where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in sociology in 2009. Her accomplishments as an elite and collegiate gymnast are numerous including: Member of the UCLA - NCAA Division –I Women's Gymnastics Team (2004 -08), Represented the US at the 2002 GYMNIX CLASSIC in Montreal,  1st Place All -  Around Champion and 1st Place Uneven Bars Event Finalist. 2008 UCLA's Gymnast of the Year.  Two-time First-Team All – Pac – 10 selection in All-Around 2005, 2008).  She will be another great girls’ team coach with a wealth of experience from almost 10 years of coaching at Gym Jam and Gymcats. 

Chelsee Apple Salzwedel

Chelsee has been a part of the gymnastics world for 20+ years, first as a gymnast and now as a coach.  Her passion for this sport began when she was 7 years old and first started competitive gymnastics.  Chelsee trained as a successful Level 10 gymnast under Jessica Stokely, Silvana Hill and Angie Spizzuco, here at Desert Gymcats.  This led to a career in Collegiate gymnastics at Boise State University under Neil and Patty Resnick where she earned First Team All W.A.C. her sophomore year.   Chelsee has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Chelsee is also an office manager who has a thorough knowledge of all our programs and staff.  

Judy Wills Cline

Judy was a 10 time World Champion in Trampoline, Tumbling and Synchronized Trampoline.  Judy is on staff at USA Gymnastics as an expert technical consultant.  She has been inducted into the USAG Hall of Fame.   Judy has coached in Las Vegas for 43 years and has coached many World Age Group athletes to World titles.  Judy has been with Gymcats-Desert Gymcats since February 1992.  Judy has served as head coach for the US Trampoline and Tumbling teams at several World Championships and World Cups.  Judy loves coaching at Desert Gymcats, which began her National Silver medalist, Kyle Stokely.  Since then, we’ve had several National Medalists including a gold medal Level 9 trampolinist and a level 10 Trampolinist.

Patricia Slesser

“Miss Trish” is a long-time favorite with both the students and parents.  Originally hailing from Long Island, NY, where she coached for 11 years. Trish has been with Desert Gymcats for 19 years and serves as the Director of Pre-School Programs.  Trish also coaches our Girl’s Teams.  Trish holds a B.A. in Physical Education.  Trish is the coordinator of Birthday Parties. Her daughter Jenell is a level 9 gymnast & Straight A Student. 

Jeff White


Jeff started coaching gymnastics in 1975 while attending Ithaca College, New York.  Jeff was the owner of Southern Tier Gymnastics and built a 15,000 square foot building.  Jeff has been running our recreational boy’s program for the last 10 years.  Jeff has been instrumental in the growth of the boy’s program and also is a big favorite with pre-schoolers.  Jeff loves to coach tumbling and trampoline and all students love to do “flying” with coach Jeff over our trampoline.  Jeff’s pre-team boys program has produced many fine competitive gymnasts.  Jeff is rated up through Elite as a USAG judging official. 

Dena Zewicky

Dena has been an instructor and/or front desk manager at Desert Gymcats for over fourteen years and has close to 20 years of coaching experience.  Dena is an integral part of our business with a thorough knowledge of our athletes, staff and programs from her years of instruction and coaching.  She will always greet you with a smile.

Monica Deignan

Monica has been with Desert Gymcats since we opened in 1998.  She has helped the gym run countless festivals, competitions and performances as well as our front office.  Monica is always happy to see our customers and always provides service with a smile. Her daughter Kyra was a Level 10 National Competitor. 

Meghan Louis

Girls' Rec Gymnastics and Preschool Coach
Originally from Hobbema, Alberta in Canada, Meghan competed as an artistic gymnast as a National Open level gymnast, equivalent to Junior Elite/Level 10 gymnast.   She coached gymnastics for 8 years in Alberta, Canada and moved to Las Vegas August, 2016.  She just started with us at Desert Gymcats and will be coaching recreational gym through team for our girls program.  

'Nuni' Juan Omar Quinones

Preschool and Ninja Cats Coach

Juan (Nuni) is originally from Puerto Rico.  Juan trained at the Brio Contemporary Dance Company learning movement, expression, hip hop and other dance disciplines. Juan also studied at the Ensayos Dance Studios.  Later performing on such shows as Carnival of Sin, Around the World in 7 Minutes and most recently performing with hip hop artists Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Yowel and Randy.  Nuni performed for one year in 2015 in China as a dancer/acrobat. 

Tim Herrin

Tim was performer in a variety of shows that included tumbling, diving, trampoline, and gymnastics. After training as a USAG gymnast as a child in Michigan he moved to Florida and started his coaching career in 2006. Through out his career he has coached in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, California, and now Nevada. 

Amy Anthenill

Amy is a favorite with all classes! She has been both a gymnast and a competitive cheerleader and has experience working with all levels! Amy coaches preschool gymnastics, girls recreational classes, pre team girls and Xcel team. 

Jessica Hill

Jessica Hill is one of the most active and energetic coaches at Desert Gymcats! Her high energy and attention to each individual makes her a favorite among all students! In addition to be an awesome coach, Jessica is also a skilled acrobat and performer. Jessica is our Recreational Gymnastics Director and Co head coach of Desert Cheer Xtreme All Star cheer team! 


Derrick Reese

Derrick has been a part of the gymnastics world for 30+ years, first as a gymnast then as a coach and now as a program director.  His passion for this sport began when he was 7 years old and first started competitive gymnastics. Derrick coaches all levels in gymnastics from recreational to team and can always be found with a smile and positive energy!  Derrick is the director of Desert Cheer Xtreme All Star cheer team. In addition to coaching, Derrick also assists with marketing, events, and has thorough knowledge of our athletes, staff and programs from his years of instruction and coaching.  

David DiNucci

Coach Dave comes to us from Boston MA where he competed as a Class 1 (Level 10) gymnast for Ellis School of Gymnastics.  He attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where he was a 4 year all-around competitor on their Men’s NCAA D1 Gymnastics team.  He graduated with a degree in Sports Management upon completing an internship at Ellis Gymnastics, where he coached both the girls and boys competitive team programs.  He has attended numerous national and international gymnastics camps/clinics and is very excited to part of the Desert Gymcats family!    

Virginia Vaughn

​Virginia started gymnastics at the age of 6 and competed throughout her childhood. She was a high school cheerleader and began coaching gymnastics after high school for a few years. She currently coaches gymnastics and cheer for both Desert Gymcats and for the City of Las Vegas Parks and Rec Dept. She has experience coaching toddlers all the way up through more advanced levels. Her daughter is a gymnast on the Desert Gymcats Xcel team.

Jill Powers 

​Jill is originally from Massachusetts, where she was a competitive gymnast for nine years. She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst and graduated with a degree in Sports Management. She started coaching in college and has coached at a few gyms in Massachusetts, including Brestyan’s. She is very excited to be working at Desert Gymcats and coaches the recreational classes and Xcel team.

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A state of the art 18,100 sq. ft. facility with the largest, most technically advanced, in-the-ground landing pit and FOUR in-the-ground full size trampolines.  We have several sets of Olympic specification gymnastics equipment on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and a 9 panel full spring floor ex mats with an additional power tumbling strip... For our younger gymnasts, we have the latest pre-school equipment that facilitates the learning of gymnastics skills in a fun filled and safe manner.

Our adult staff are 100% Safety Certified-USA Gymnastics Instructors! 

Desert Gymcats....stands alone in offering the most caring and professional "adult" staff of any gymnastics school in Southern Nevada. Our staff is carefully chosen for their teaching expertise, knowledge of gymnastics and empathy for children of all ages and abilities. We have the highest staff retention in the business!

Desert Gymcats  702-798-3547


DESERT GYMCATS occupies a state of the art 13,000 sq. ft. facility with the largest, most technically advanced, in-the-ground landing pit and in-the-ground full size trampoline. We have several sets of Olympic specification gymnastics equipment on vault, uneven bars, balance beam and 2 full spring floor ex mats with an additional power tumbling strip...Our boys equipment consists of Olympic specification ring tower, high bars, parallel bars, pommel horses and mushrooms to maximize training to the highest level. The dance studio is 45' x 24' and is fully mirrored with ballet barre equipment. For our younger gymnasts, we have the latest pre-school equipment that facilitates the learning of gymnastics skills in a fun filled and safe manner.