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To create an enriching and inviting environment that encourages our students to have learn and progress in a fun manner.

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The Founders

Stacy Carrero
Owner of Desert Gymcats

Stacy has owned Desert Gymcats in Las Vegas for over 25 years, since 1998. Stacy began in Yonkers, New York as the owner of Gym Cats in 1976, before following her daughter, Cassie, to open the sister location of Gymcats in Las Vegas. Her gyms have produced many NCAA athletes, including an NCAA All-Around Champion. She aims to work alongside Cassie to create a collective of gyms in the area that celebrate all successes of their students, no matter how small.

Cassie Rice
Owner of Gymcats

Cassie is a regular consultant for our recreational and competitive programs and owns Gymcats in Henderson, NV. Cassie coached Olympic medalist, Tasha Schwikert, and was named USOC Developmental Coach of the Year, 2000 USA Coach of the Year, 2001 International Elite Coach of the Year, 2001 USAG Coach of the Year, and Regional Coach of the Year six consecutive years from 2008-2013. She encourages all coaches to continue to listen to the athletes, learn from one another, and keep a positive mindset every day.

Lauren Rice
Manager of Desert Gymcats

Lauren grew up in the gymnastics world at Gymcats in Henderson, doing competitive gymnastics until earning a full-ride scholarship at Sacramento State University. She made great achievements, but her most important achievement is that she enjoyed her gymnastics experience through and through. Her goal is to create an environment where kids feel heard and safe to express their feelings.