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Stacy Carrero
Owner of Desert Gymcats

Stacy has owned Desert Gymcats for over 23 years. Stacy began in Yonkers, New York as the owner of Gym Cats in 1976. Her gyms have produced many NCAA athletes, including an NCAA All-Around Champion.

Cassie Rice
Owner of Gymcats

Cassie is a regular consultant for our recreational and competitive programs and owns Gymcats in Henderson, NV. Cassie coached Olympic medalist, Tasha Schwikert, and was named USOC Developmental Coach of the Year, 2000 USA Coach of the Year, 2001 International Elite Coach of the Year, 2001 USAG Coach of the Year, and Regional Coach of the Year six consecutive years from 2008-2013. She encourages all coaches to continue to listen to the athletes, learn from one another, and keep a positive mindset every day.

Amanda Regas

Amanda comes to us from Los Angeles, where she spent the last 16 years as a competitive and recreational coach. After finishing her gymnastics career she went on to coach state and regional champions in the girls gymnastics program. Her favorite part of coaching is helping kids set goals and achieve them.

Amy Anthenill

Amy has been coaching gymnastics for 9 years, with extensive training as a preschool teacher and camp counselor. Amy loves coaching all levels including preschool, recreational gymnastics and competitive girls and boys.

Ashlynn Tsuneta

Ashlynn has been a competitive trampoline and tumbling team member at Desert Gymcats for over 4 years. She loves to coach and assist our head coaches Hans and Mieke with all levels in our T&T program.

Caitlin Soliwoda

Caitlin earned a full-ride gymnastics scholarship to Sacramento State University. She has coached all levels in the gym, from pre-school all the way up to competitive teams. Coaching gymnastics is her passion, and she feels fortunate to be able to share her love of this sport with future generations.

Cassidy Osborne-Butler

Bio coming soon!

Cesar Soto

Cesar comes from California with a BA in Dance from San Francisco State University. He uses all of his professional and personal experiences to inspire his students to achieve their absolute best.

Coty McGowan

Coty comes to us from Seattle with over a decade of coaching experience. His diverse background in gymnastics, circus arts, and dance means he instructs a variety of programs, from preschool to boys and girls classes

Desi Trejo

Desi has coached at both Gymcats and Desert Gymcats for about a decade. All of her classes are high-energy, fun, and engaging, so it's no wonder why students are always requesting Coach Desi!

Eli Skoczylas

One of the top 10 trampolinists in the world from 1987 to 1991, Eli hails from Poland where he received a Master's Degree from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Eli was a Cirque du Soleil artist for 25 years and joined Desert Gymcats in 2020.

Grace Fair

Grace has been a part of the DGC family since she was five years-old. She is a favorite among our preschool and recreational gymnastics students, and enjoys helping kids learn and grow along their gymnastics journey.

Hannah Arch

Hannah has done gymnastics and tumbling for 12 years at a few different gyms. She's also trained in dance and circus outside of gym. Coaching makes her so happy, and she loves being able to teach kids and watch as they grow in the sport!

Hannah Dockery

Hannah has been a gymnast and trampolinist for most of her life. Hannah began as an assistant coach at Desert Gymcats and quickly became an integral part of our coaching staff. Hannah is a big favorite among her students, especially the preschoolers.

Hans Nielsen

Hans holds a number of coaching distinctions, including Region One Chair for Trampoline and Tumbling and USAG Master of Sport. He was a national team competitor and coached numerous national team members throughout his career.

Jasmine Zuppan

Jasmine has been coaching for 12 years with experience in artistic, acro, and T&T. The gym is a place where she feels free to authentically express herself. Jasmine's passion is creating an enviroment where all kids have a sense of belonging.

Juliette Taylor

Juliette has 5 years of experience in competitive cheerleading. She loves working with young athletes, particularly in tumbling!

Kenny Strange

The legendary coach chicken nugget is from Seattle, WA. He's a former T&T gymnast and has over 10 years of coaching experience. He loves teaching front flips and back flips on trampolines!

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and began coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics in New Jersey. Lisa is a fan favorite of our preschoolers!

Matt Wagner

Matt has taught men’s artistic gymnastics for 16 years. His background also includes trampoline and tumbling, parkour and dance. Matt has a Bachelor’s in Dance and years of experience as an international performer.

Mieke De Vriendt

A world-class tumbler from Belgium and former Cirque du Soleil performer, Mieke is one of our main trampoline and tumbling instructors. She loves encouraging kids to work hard, try their best, and enjoy the learning process.

Nuni Quinones

Nuni comes to us from Puerto Rico and has been an important part of the Desert Gymcats coaching staff since 2013. Nuni’s years of experience as a dancer has made his attention to detail a valuable part of our program. His high-energy classes help motivate kids to learn and excel through our programs.

Rachel Rappaport

Rachel has been at Desert Gymcats since 2014. She is highly trained in gymnastics up to Level 9. She loves to coach the preschoolers and be a part of the growth they get from gymnastics.

Silvana Hill

Silvana has 38 years of coaching experience, 20 of which have been with Desert Gymcats. She's been a Professional USA Gymnastics Member since 2001 and served on the Nevada State Board for the past 9 years.

Stephanie Brede

Stephanie is a former competitive gymnast and has been a preschool teacher for the last 12 years.  Stephanie’s love of the sport of gymnastics has led to her pursuing coaching full time, where she is excited to help each gymnast achieve their goals while enjoying the process.

Trish Slesser

Trish has been with Desert Gymcats the longest of all staff members. She began teaching gymnastics after graduating from college in the mid-1980’s and moved to Las Vegas in 1996. With decades of experience as an instructor, Trish sometimes coaches the kids of her former students!

Zora Nettingham

Zora competed in gymnastics and dance before joining the UNLV Cheer Team, where she recently graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. She coaches our recreational and competitive girls programs.