1. What is DGC's make up policy?

    Notify our front desk staff 24 hours in advance by calling (702) 798-3547 OR going online to the iClassPro customer portal and submitting an absence. After your missed class has ended, you will receive a make up token on your account that can be used at any time while you are still enrolled in regular classes. This token must be used in the same program that you are currently enrolled in. Our system will only honor one token per month. Please contact the front desk if you've had more than one absence in a month.

  2. How many classes are in a term?

    Our class tuition is based on an 8-week term. You can choose how many times per week you'd like to attend! The class time(s) that you choose is the time(s) you're scheduled to come every week.

  3. It's the middle of the term. Can I still enroll?

    Absolutely! You can start at any time and we will prorate tuition according to the number of weeks remaining in the current term.

  4. What should my child wear to class?

    Please send your kids in comfortable attire that will move and stretch with them: shirt, shorts, tank top, leggings, leotard -- whatever is most comfortable for them! Just make sure that their shirt won't fly up when they go upside down and their pants will stay up when they move around. We have a ProShop at each location if you'd like to purchase attire! For ninja and cheer students, we ask that they bring a pair of tennis shoes just in case. All other students will go in barefoot!

  5. What is recurring billing (autopay)?

    Recurring billing re-enrolls your child from term to term so you don't have to worry about losing their spot in class! Recurring billing helps us know the estimated enrollments for the following term, so we thank you by giving you $10 off each enrollment!

  6. When will I be charged for recurring billing?

    Recurring billing is processed on the Monday of Week 5 of the term. We will send out an invoice to the priority email (found on your iClassPro account) during week 4 with a breakdown of the charges on your account.

  7. When do I need to pay by to keep my child's spot in class?

    The easist way to avoid losing your spot(s) in class is to enroll in recurring billing. If you choose not to, please pay the end of priority week (week 6) to reserve your spot in class. Open enrollment begins in week 7 and allows those who have paid for next term to take the spot(s) of those who haven't.

  8. How will I know when my child is ready to move up?

    Once your child has all of the skills needed for the next level and meets the age requirements, our front desk staff will give you a call to share the good news! This can be at any point in the term, so make sure you have a good phone number on file! Please feel free to discuss your child's progress with their coach at the end of class.

  9. My class time no longer works for me. Can I switch into a new class time?

    Of course! Contact our front desk at (702) 798-3547, desertgymcatsgymnastics@gmail.com or go online to your iClassPro customer portal and request a new class time that works for you.

  10. Other Questions? Give us a call! (702) 798-3547